Monday June 25, 2012 Happening Now

So the big story this week will be two major cases expected from the Supreme Court. The high court will issue rulings on the President's health care overhaul and on the tough Arizona illegal immigration crackdown. This is the last official week of Supreme Court activities.

1000EDT -- The Supreme Court meets to hand down opinions. We are waiting on: Health care cases - though this are expected at very end of term/late June; US v. Alvarez - Stolen Valor Act case - lying about military medals; Miller v. Alabama/Jackson v. Hobbs - Can 14 year old get life in prison with NO chance of parole for committing murder?; AZ v. US - SB 1070 - four portions of the state's controversial immigration law currently on hold.

Shannon Bream is at the Supreme Court, and will join us near the top of the hour to tell us what she's found out. If there is decision on H.C. or on the AZ law, we will likely turn most of the broadcast over to it.

President Obama and Mitt Romney are fundraising today with light schedules.


1205EDT -- Marine One departs WH South Lawn. FNC TAPE

1220EDT -- Air Force One wheels up to Portsmouth, NH. POOL LIVE

1335EDT -- Air Force One arrives Portsmouth, NH.

1405EDT -- POTUS makes remarks at campaign event. Oyster River HS, Durham, NH. POOL LIVE


1530EDT -- Holds fundraiser at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 7200 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ.

Fires continue to be a major problem for Colorado. Wildfires damaged more than a dozen homes over the weekend. 11,000 people were evacuated. Several major fires are burning.

In Florida rain is the problem.. Tropical Storm Debby is just sitting over the Gulf and inundating parts of Florida with torrential rain, and high winds.

Tensions continue to escalate with Syria where 33 members of the military have resigned and fled to Turkey. This as Turkey reacts angrily to Syrian explanations of the shoot down of a Turkish war plane on Friday (we told the audience about that news on Friday).

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