Tuesday June 19, 2012 Happening Now

Dramatic developments today in the growing debacle that is Syria. The Telegraph is reporting that Britain is trying to stop a Russian ship carrying attack choppers to Syria... by cancelling its insurance..

This comes after an *icy* meeting yesterday between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Obama at the G20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico. The U.S. is pushing for Russia to support the ouster of Bashir Assad (the dictator of Syria).

In Syria, the U.N. has stopped its 300 workers there from working.. worried for their safety. There is a high=level briefing today at the U.N.

Syria says it is ready to allow the evacuation of civilians from Homs which has taken heavy damage.

Meantime, back at the G20, world leaders are trying to come up with draft statement showing unity on the growing global financial crisis.

It comes as Spain teeters on the edge of needing a bailout, and Greece still does not have a coalition government. Pressure is growing on Germany to do more to shore up the Euro.

In the U.S., the Federal Reserve meeting this week and some analysts say our own Fed needs to step in again to shore up a weakening U.S. economy.

In Moscow, 6 party talks on Iran's nuclear program have reportedly been "tough and frustrating." We'll keep an eye on it.

A raging fire in Colorado - the most destructive in state history - has burned several more homes. It has scorched 92 square miles.

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