Monday June 18, 2012 Happening Now

Looks like the world economy dodged a bullet with the victory of conservatives (by a close margin) in Greek elections. What it likely means is a coalition government that supports the negotiated bailout terms for Greece.. It does not mean, by any measure, that Greece or the rest of Europe is out of the woods. In fact, attention now again turning to Spain, Italy and Portugal. We'll watch market reaction at 9:30.

Greece is sure to be a big topic at the G20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico today. Heads of government from world powers including the EU, China and Russia will gather (in an opulent setting by the way) to discuss world issues. Look for a tense meeting between President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin (their first since Putin's return to head of state).

Another big topic likely to be Syria where we are getting reports of more government shelling.

Also on the agenda? Egypt.. where the Muslim Brotherhood is claiming it won a majority in elections yesterday. The Army, however, may have other ideas.

World powers also meeting today in Moscow on Iran's nuclear program.. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad says they'll stop high grade enrichment *if* the world provides enriched uranium to the Iranians.. We've heard all this before.

We are awaiting a big ruling from the Supreme Court this week.. where they will decide the fate of the President's health care overhaul.. I think we need to add a guest in the 12 to preview.. or obviously if we get a decision.

Firefighters making some progress on a big fire in Colorado.. the worst in that state's history. 55,000 acres and 181 homes destroyed. Alicia Acuna is there and we'll have a guest as well.

Rodney King.. the man at the heart of the L.A. riots in the 90's.. is dead. An autopsy will be performed. He had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse.. He was 47.

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