Friday June 15, 2012 Happening Now

Good Morning!

Dueling visions for the country. President Obama and Mitt Romney both presenting speeches on the economy yesterday in Ohio. The President says he needs four more years to fix the economy. He says taxes on the wealthy need to go up to help with the debt load. Governor Romney says the President has had three and a half years and he has failed.

Last night the President held a glitzy fundraiser at the home of Sarah Jessica Parker. It raised some $2M. Today POTUS has lunch with winners of a campaign contest, and tonight he kicks off Gay Pride Month with a reception at the White House.

Mitt Romney kicks off a five day bus tour including stops in PA, OH, IA, WI and MI. Carl Cameron has it covered.


1100 EDT -- Holds rally at Scamman Farm, 69 Portsmouth Avenue, Stratham, NH. WBZ LIVE

Attorney General Eric Holder wants to meet with Republican Darrell Issa - who's been relentless in his pursuit of facts related to the Fast and Furious gun walking scandal.

A big forest fire in Colorado today jumped a river, and is forcing the evacuation of several dozen families. That fire has already burned more than 100 structures. There are more fires burning still in several Western states. 12 wildfires burning across 6 Western States. America's top Forest Service man Tom Tidwell will join us today to tell us why dramatic change is needed in how we care for the nation's forests.

All eyes on Greece Sunday when voters head to the polls. The future of their bailout, austerity and possibly the fate of the Euro will be decided. There are growing fears about the health of the global economy. Markets were higher yesterday, and futures are up today... Why? There is a growing belief that central banks will flood the markets with liquidity (again) to rev up the economic engines of the world. We'll keep a close eye on the markets.

Catherine Herridge has a really interesting exclusive report on the radical American cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki. The 5 month investigation shows al-Awlaki used more than 60 email addresses and communicated with followers including Fort Hood shooter Nadal Hassan.

Russia today insisting it is *not* delivering military helicopters to Syria. It says its simply repairing choppers under an old contract. Russia's foreign minister also says there has been no talks about a post-Assad Syria. This as the head of the U.N. operations in Syria says there seems to be little cooperation from Syria.. that they are more interested in military gains.

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