A 12-year old boy fulfilled his dream of becoming a U.S Marine before he died, and a fellow member of the Corps stood guard outside his hospital room as the brave boy took his last breaths.

Cody Green, who was diagnosed with leukemia at 22 months old, but battled bravely until his death last month, had always admired the strength and courage of the Marines, his father, David Snowberger, told WTOP.

When USMC officials learned of the boy's “strength, honor and courage” battling his health condition, his father told an Indiana-based television station, they made him an honorary member  of the Marines, complete with his own navigator wings.

For one Marine, however, there was more to be done.

The night before Green died, the Marine stood guard at his hospital door the entire night, eight hours straight, Snowberger told WTOP.

Green had successfully battled cancer three times since he was diagnosed and was cancer-free. Unfortunately, the chemotherapy weakened his immune system and he died from a fungus that attacked his brain.

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