Mom reportedly arrested after PCP found on daughter's sandwich

This photo shows Tornia Ann Gutierrez.

This photo shows Tornia Ann Gutierrez.  ( )

Sheriff's deputies arrested Tornia Ann Gutierrez and charged her with child endangerment after they say she gave her daughter a sandwich with PCP inside it, MyFoxAustin reported. 

According to an arrest affidavit, on May 4, school officials at Propham Elementary School in Del Valle noticed a six-year-old first grader showing signs of being under the influence of drugs.

The girl told a school counselor that she could hear "banging in her head" and was talking to people who were not there, according to court documents.

According to MyFoxAustin, the counselor called Gutierrez, who asked the counselor not to call EMS or Child Protective Services. She arrived at the school and picked up her daughter without talking to staff.

Once at home, investigators said Gutierrez called EMS, and they transported the girl to Dell Children's Medical Center.  Court documents show that toxicology tests indicated that the girl tested positive for having PCP in her system.

The girl was removed from the home by CPS and placed with a family member. Gutierrez also allegedly tested positive for PCP two times herself after the incident, MyFoxAustin reported. 

Investigators interviewed the girl, who said she ate the sandwich that her mother had made for her, and that afterwards she got "crazy dizzy" and that her lunch meat tasted like "fireworks." 

She also allegedly told investigators that her mother told her angel dust was a drug and it must have gotten on her lunch meat.

According to deputies, Gutierrez admitted that she allowed 33-year-old Robert Jackson to bring PCP into her home.  She told investigators he was a drug dealer and a drug user.

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