Happening Now, June 8, 2012

Happy Friday!

Clint is out today - but the rest of the usual suspects are all here!

The first full week of June is complete and the summer is already full of developing stories.

New Fox Polls showing Pres. Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney are in a dead-even race for the White House. Romney leads on economic issues, while Obama leads on the issues of foreign policy and fighting terrorism.

May proved financially rewarding for both candidates as reached their highest fundraising totals. For the first time this election Mr. Romney outraised Mr. Obama - bringing in $76.8 million compared to Mr. Obama's total of $60 million.

We'll be keeping an eye on the tens of thousands of people expected to attend Religious Freedom rallies throughout the country this afternoon. They are protesting the healthcare mandate that requires employers to provide free contraceptives, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs.

There is bipartisan outrage by members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees on who is leaking classified national security information. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Sen. Saxy Chambliss (R-GA), Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) held a press conference yesterday and have met with the director of national intelligence, and this afternoon will talk with FBI director Mueller.

Maj. Nidal Hassan, the man charged with 13 counts of murder in the Fort Hood shooting, is in court today for a pre-trial hearing.

Iran and the IAEA have begun a new round of talks in Vienna today. World powers will be closely watching this meeting to see if Iran is willing to make concessions regarding their nuclear enrichment programs before they meet in Moscow June 18-19th.

The U.S. is stepping up the pressure on Russia to back away from their support of the Assad regime in Syria. A State Department official meeting with Russian Foreign Ministers today in Moscow. This on the heels of a second reported massacre in 24 hours. Up to 78 people reportedly killed in Qubair, Syria. U.N. peace keepers tried to enter the village but were fired upon.

Pres. Obama added a surprise statement in the 10am hour today discussing the economy, calling on Congress to pass the President's jobs plan and the situation in Europe. He will take questions from the press as well. We'll have Karl Rove and others react during the show.