Thursday June 7, 2012 Happening Now

Good Morning!

It's all about fundraising today as both President Obama and Governor Romney are on fundraising pushes.

The President is at a fundraiser in Los Angeles and makes remarks in Las Vegas.

Governor Romney holds an afternoon event and a fundraiser in Saint Louis.

We get weekly jobless numbers today.

At 10am Fed Chair Ben Bernanke testifies before the Joint Economic Committee. He will address the state of the U.S. and world economies and will give clues about the possibility of the government again pumping money into the system.

1000EDT -- Joint Economic Cmte holds hearing on "The Economic Outlook" with Fed Chair Bernanke. Expecting to hear questions about how the Fed intends to stimulate the economy. LIVE

1530EDT -- The Fed Reserve holds an open Board of Governors meeting. LIVE

Attorney General Eric Holder will testify this morning before the House Judiciary Committee. You can expect a real grilling over the "Fast and Furious" scandal.

0930EDT -- House Judiciary Cmte hearing on "Oversight of the US Dept of Justice." Most of the hearing should be about Fast and Furious, though we expect a wide range of questions about DOJ prosecutions. Atty Gen Holder testifies. LIVE / LIVE STAKEOUT

There's also growing concern over leaks on national security.

1230EDT -- Leaders from both the House and Senate Intel Cmtes hold news conference on the recent leaks of classified natl security info. Sens Feinstein and Chambliss, and Reps Rogers & Ruppersberger participate. LIVE

That story dominated the White House briefing yesterday, and it's probably worth delving into.

A sharp tone from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta who is in Afghanistan today. He is warning Pakistan that he is reaching the limit of his patience in dealing with our alleged ally... The U.S. has poured billions upon billions of dollars into Pakistan.. and the Haqqani network - the terror network behind many attacks on U.S. troops - continues to operate with seeming impunity. Panetta's comments, at an appearance with the Afghan defense minister - come after two weeks of tough talk from the administration. It also comes along with a spike in violence inside Afghanistan.

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