Wednesday June 6, 2012 Happening Now

WI Scott Walker handily beat back a recall election last night in a victory RNC Chairman Reince Priebus calls "absolute disaster" for President Obama. However, that may be overstating the case somewhat - exit polling suggests President Obama still holds a lead over Mitt Romney in the state, but it may mean the White House may have to spend some extra resources on Wisconsin, a state that is decidedly purple.

It remains unclear, at this hour, whether Democrats or Republicans won control of the Wisconsin Senate.

The victory of Walker (and most of the other republicans facing recall elections) suggests the power of Unions and democratic ground game is not what some had expected.

2 CA cities approved pension cuts.

A CA measure to increase taxes on cigarettes is too close to call.

Mitt Romney is fundraising today in Texas.

President Obama is in California for fundraisers in SF and Beverly Hills.

There is a hearing in the Wikileaks trial today. Might be good BND.

We get some key readings on the economy today from the Federal Reserve.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says unless there is a *major* meltdown in Europe, he doesn't expect another recession in the U.S.. a rare note of optimism lately.

Jenna Lee found a great article from TIME about the decline of millionaires in the U.S... let's get an FBN'er on that!

The Space Shuttle Enterprise completes its journey to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum by traveling up the Hudson River and being hoisted by crane onto the flight deck! This is expected to happen live (at least in part) during our hours.

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