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South Carolina mom arrested after cheering too loudly at daughter's graduation

A proud mother was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after cheering too loudly at her daughter's high school graduation ceremony in South Carolina.

Shannon Cooper says she spent several hours in jail Saturday night after being escorted from her daughter Iesha's South Florence High School graduation in handcuffs, WPDE-TV reported.

Police told the station they had warned attendees prior to the graduation ceremony that anyone who cheered or screamed would be escorted from the venue. While not commenting on Cooper's case directly, they said those who were disorderly as they were escorted out were arrested.

But Cooper said she could not believe the decision to remove her from the Florence Civic Center, where the ceremony was held.

"Disorderly conduct? What's the disorderly conduct?" she said. "How was I so disorderly you know any different from just a happy parent? I didn't resist arrest, nothing."

Cooper was booked into jail for several hours before posting a $225 bond.

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