Monday June 4, 2012 Happening Now

So couple of big stories developing today..

First the recall election in Wisconsin pitting Governor

Scott Walker against his former opponent Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. It has big

national implications with both dems and the GOP pouring money into the state.

Right now most polls show Walker with a small but substantial lead. Former

President Bill Clinton campaigned there. So have some big name republicans.

There is a growing concern in the White House that a strong victory for Walker

could spell trouble for President Obama come November.. Neil Cavuto and Steve Brown

are there and will file reports for us.


1030 EDT -- Meet and

greet at Jules Coffee, 327 Pearl Street, La Crosse, WI

1240 EDT -- Meet and

greet at The Dish and the Spoon Cafe, 208 North Main Street, River Falls, WI


0930 EDT -- Tours

Placon Plastics, 6096 McKee Road, Fitchburg, WI. FNC TAPE

1200 EDT -- Meet and

greet at the Coulee Region RV Center, W3262 County Road B, West Salem, WI

We'll also talk to Neil about the economy. This is not only

the most important issue in the election; It's also getting worse. That jobs

report on Friday scared a lot of people. Markets are not doing well.

Unemployment remains high. There is again renewed talk we could get a "double-dip"


Both President Obama and Governor Romney are doing

fundraising today. They'll be pushing hard all week for campaign cash.

Amazing news out of a weekend of cancer meetings in Chicago

including breakthrough treatments and changes in how patients with breast

cancer get access to new drugs. Dr. Siegel weighs in.

Emergency personnel still on the scene of a horrific plane crash

in Lagos, Nigeria. The plane crashed into a residential area. More than 150 on

the plane are dead, and more on the ground. Investigators are looking for the

black boxes. It was an American made Boeing MD 83. It's the second major plane

crash in the past week in Nigeria.

A drone strike in Pakistan has killed eight suspected


More than a dozen killed and dozens more injured by a car

bombing in Baghdad.


Danish court has found four men guilty of planning an attack on a newspaper

there over cartoons of a Muslim holy figure.

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