Thursday May 31, 2012 Happening Now

The SpaceX Dragon - the first private spacecraft to dock with the International Space Station - undocks today and returns to earth with a bunch of stuff it picked up in space including high value experiments. It will de-orbit and begin burning in the atmosphere before splashing down in the ocean. It happens during our hours.. so we should be prepared for some dramatic pictures.

1051EDT -- SpaceX/Dragon Deorbit Burn. Coverage begins at 1015EDT. NASA TV LIVE

1144EDT -- SpaceX/Dragon Pacific Ocean Splashdown. NASA TV LIVE

1400EDT -- SpaceX Dragon Post-Splashdown Briefing from Johnson Space Center. NASA TV LIVE

PHIL KEATING live 1000 from the Miami Bureau

The President and First Lady are meeting with former President George W Bush, Laura Bush, Former President George HW Bush and Barbara Bush at the White House today at 12:10.. It's closed press, but we should have our White House reporter explain the significance.

We get new economic reads on the economy today. Pay close attention. It was a bad day on Wall Street yesterday, and a lot of eyes will be on the action today.

0830EDT -- ADP employment report: private sector employment indicator

0830EDT -- Commerce Dept releases first-quarter gross domestic product (second estimate).

0830EDT -- Labor Dept releases weekly jobless claims.

New polling on the Presidential race to talk about today. ABC News/Washington Post has polling suggesting Gov Mitt Romney is closing the favorability gap with President Obama with big strides among women. NBC News/Marist poll suggests Governor Romney and President Obama are deadlocked in three key swing states - Iowa, Colorado and Nevada. This comes on the heels of polling last week of Florida, Ohio and Virginia that showed the President with a slight edge.

It's Day 28 of the John Edwards campaign finance trial.. we're watching.

A new paper may make some of us throw our hands up in frustration. It suggests a small portion of overweight people are actually *worse* with exercise than without. That's sure to confuse everyone!

The world continues to fiddle as Syria burns. No action by the U.N. or any other group as Syria continues to kill women and children seemingly indiscriminately. Secy of State Hillary Clinton this morning saying Russia's blocking of U.N. action could lead to full blown Syrian civil war.

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