Wednesday May 30, 2012

Good Morning and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jenna Lee

Mitt Romney is now officially the GOP candidate for President. He got enough delegates in yesterday’s Texas primary to seal the deal. Governor Romney is in CA today for several fundraisers (closed to the press).

Also out of Texas, there will be a run-off for the GOP nomination for the Senate seat being vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison. Neither candidate got the 50% needed to avoid a runoff. Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz will face Lt Gov David Dewhurst.

At 11:40 the President will sign the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank.. We’ll probably show a little of that. 1140EDT -- POTUS signs the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank. South Court Auditorium. LIVE

Jury deliberations continue today in the campaign finance trial of John Edwards.

The defense begins its case today in the Roger Clemens perjury trial.

That storm that dumped tons of rain on parts of FL, SC and GA is now back at sea and could re-strenthen. Keep an eye on it.

Syria situation continues to deteriorate with the U.N. seemingly at a loss about what to do. More and more nations are taking their diplomats out and calling for action.. but no one seems to know what to do there… including the U.S.

An airstrike and shelling in Yemen have killed 10 Al Qaeda militants in that terror stronghold. That’s a good jumping off point for our segment about Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. We’ll air a few clips from PBS’s “Frontline,” which had a frightening look at the situation on the ground in that war-torn country.

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