Tuesday May 29, 2012 Happening Now

A moderate earthquake has hit northern Italy killing at least 8 people not far from Bologna. It's the same general location where a quake May 20th killed seven.

Mitt Romney could officially clench the GOP nomination as early as today. He's just 58 votes shy of the more than 1100 delegates needed to get the nomination. Texas holds its primary today. Romney is speaking at 11am. We should show some of that. The former governor released a new web video today going after President Obama over Solyndra and other failed government projects.

Romney also spoke about the criticism some of had of Donald Trump lately. Mister Romney says he doesn't believe everything his supporters believe.

1100EDT -- Holds event at Alice Pleasant Park, Craig, CO. LIVE via LiveU

President Obama is honoring 2011 Medal of Freedom recipients this afternoon at the White House. No events during our hours.

Keep a close eye on the markets today as the possibility of Greece exiting the Euro seems increasingly likely. We'll get a key read on the housing market today at 9am.

An Iranian leader says the West needs to drop its "illogical" demand for a halt to uranium enrichment. Not a good place to be when we are supposed to be negotiating.

NATO says it's forces have killed Al Qaeda's second highest Afghan leader in an airstrike.

FBI is helping Kenyan officials in an investigation into a large explosion in downtown Nairobi.

Danish police have arrested two Somalis for plotting a terror attack in Denmark.

The execution of women and children in Syria over the weekend leading to a global backlash. Even Syria's ally Russia raising questions about what is going on there. More than 100 were killed in one town.

Deliberations in the John Edwards campaign finance investigation continue for a seventh day today. New questions about whether the jurors are deadlocked.

The remains of tropical storm Beryl giving a good soaking to parts of GA and FL. No major damage, but there were high winds and lots of rain. Tens of thousands were without power. Meantime, they are cleaning up after a *snowstorm* in parts of Montana.

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