Friday May 25, 2012 Happening Now

Major announcement in the case of missing boy Etan Patz. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly saying they arrested a suspect in the 33 year old disappearance of the six year old. The announcement coming in a late evening news conference last night. It sounds like the NYPD is pretty convinced they got their man. The suspect is a 51 year old who allegedly lured the six year old boy into a store with the offer of soda before killing him.

A hurricane is headed for the coast of Mexico. Hurricane Bud has weakened to a Cat 2 as it heads for the Pacific Coast south of Puerto Vallarta.

The SpaceX capsule is due to dock with the space station today. Big deal in the race to privatize space.

Quiet schedules for both President Obama and Mitt Romney today ahead of the three day weekend.

Vice President Biden and his wife Dr Jill Biden will mark the Memorial Day weekend with an event in Arlington, VA.

1145 EDT -- VPOTUS and Dr. Biden will deliver remarks to surviving families left behind by our nation's fallen military heroes as they gather for the 18th Annual TAPS National Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp in Arlington, Virginia.

On the politics front:

The mainstream media taking note of a new and very aggressive strategy by President Obama who has come out swinging against Mitt Romney.. early, often and directly by name.. It's a very different strategy from previous opponents.. I'd like to ask Joe Trippi and our panel about it in the 11am.

There's also a renewed focus on VP Biden. His latest comment about plumbers getting a lot of attention. We'll get into it.

There are new polls from ABC News and the Washington Post. They show struggling white voters are decidedly leaning towards Mitt Romney and away from the President.

New efforts by Congress to punish Pakistan for the arrest of a man who allegedly helped track down Usama bin Laden.

Jury deliberations continue in the campaign finance trial of John Edwards. There is some speculation we could get a verdict today before the long weekend, but I would take that with a grain of salt.

AAA predicts a 1.2% increase in Memorial Day travel

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