Thursday May 24, 2012 Happening Now

Breaking news in the case of the boy Etan Patz -missing since 1979. There is a suspect in custody! More as we get it.

President Obama is at a campaign event during our show in San Jose, CA.. later it's off to campaign in Iowa. A pro Obama super pac - Priorities USA Action -- continues to come under fire for attacks on Bain Capital and Mitt Romney. Priorities USA Action is increasing those ad buys.

1130EDT -- Obama Campaign event, mix and mingle. San Jose, CA. CLOSED

1235EDT -- Motorcade departs en route Moffett AFB.

1245 EDT - VPOTUS will attend a campaign event in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mitt Romney meantime, made an impassioned push for the Latino vote yesterday. He also attacked the White House over education.. taking a rare detour from the economy to talk about the failings of the Obama Administration saying some Americans were getting a "third world eduction." He called for poor and disabled students to be able to use federal funds to attend any public, private or online school they choose.


0845EDT -- Tours and gives remarks at Universal Bluford Charter School, Philadelphia, PA. LIVE

New NBC Marist polling from battleground states of Florida, Ohio and Virginia show the President with a slight edge, but his numbers have fallen in all three and remain below the 50% threshold considered important.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is courting Facebook.. after its disastrous debut on the Nasdaq.. it comes as we get word investors may sue Facebook over its IPO.. and some information that was allegedly "missing" from the road show. Morgan Stanley's handling of the deal also coming under fire.

Six people were injured after a fire broke out on a nuclear submarine parked in Portsmouth, Maine last night. It happened in the living quarters of the USS Miami. Fortunately the sub's nuclear reactor was not online.

Drone strikes in Pakistan have killed at least 15. It's the second strike in just 24 hours, and comes despite a push by Pakistan to stop airstrikes..

The U.S. has infiltrated Al Qaeda websites in Yemen.. great read.

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