Monday May 14, 2012 Happening Now

New fallout today from the losses at JP Morgan. You'll remember CEO Jamie Dimon says a stupid mistake led to a $2B loss (and could lead to more losses). Now we learn at least three executives will leave the company this week. It's raising new questions about how much oversight the banks are getting.

President Obama heads to NYC today where he'll give a commencement address at Barnard College this afternoon. Tonight it's a fundraiser with prominent latino supports gay and out gay singer Ricky Martin. Newsweek is calling President Obama "the first gay President," which is sure to raise some eyebrows. The Obama campaign releasing a new campaign ad today going after Mitt Romney over Bain capital. The President campaigns in five states this week.

Mitt Romney has a clear schedule today.

Keep an eye on the wires today for several rulings from the Supreme Court expected this week. They could come soon. Shannon Bream is watching too.

The John Edwards trial continues today in North Carolina. The defense begins its case this week.

The Spray on tan murder trial in Florida getting a closer look today from Phil Keating.

Keep an eye on the Clemens trial today too. Clemens' former "strength training" coach Brian McNamee, one of the star witnesses, expected to take the stand today. Maybe Patti Ann can take a look?

Catherine Herridge is looking at a growing controversy: How drones can be used against Americans!

Five wildfires consuming some nine square miles of Arizona.. we'll add a phoner in the 11am.

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