Thursday May 10, 2012 Happening Now

Lots going on today..

Beginning with a historic endorsement of gay marriage by President Obama. The President is traveling today on a mutli-stop fundraising trip including a glitzy Hollywood dinner at the home of movie star George Clooney. The Hollywood crowd is sure to be thrilled with the President's "evolution" on gay marriage. What remains unclear is what it will mean to voters in swing states who are not so sure about gay marriage. Meantime, Vice President Joe Biden is addressing young people and groups serving young people at 10:45 at the White House.. we'll see if he has anything to say about the marriage story. The White House has admitted Biden's comments on gay marriage on Sunday "sped up" the timeline on endorsing same sex marriage.

Weekly jobless claims out today. Keep an eye on the price of oil which has fallen pretty dramatically over the past several weeks. Analysts say that's due to weaker demand as economies slow (led by Europe).

New polling from AP suggests President Obama has an advantage over Gov Mitt Romney among independents, minorities, and women. But Americans are split over which candidate can do a better job on the economy.. which leaves an opening for Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney is campaigning today in Omaha, Nebraska.

A man who is the subject of a manhunt in Tennessee and Mississippi has been added to the FBI's most-wanted list. Adama Mayes is accused of killing a mother and her daughter and kidnapping two more of her daughters. He apparently thinks the two girls are his daughters.

John Edwards campaign finance trial continues today with testimony from Adam Stacy and Greg Garey. Fox believes they are agents with the IRS or FBI.. The prosecution says it will rest its case today *without* calling Rielle Hunter.

Rescue crews in Indonesia are trying to reach the remote site where a Russian plane slammed into a steep cliff on a volcano. It is believed all 47 people on the test flight were killed.

An airstrike in Yemen has killed five Al Qaeda terrorists.

40 dead in two explosions in Syria's capital of Damascus.

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