Monday May 7, 2012 Happening Now

New polling out this morning from USA Today/Gallup. In their polling of 12 battleground states, they are showing the contest has narrowed with the President and Mitt Romney essentially tied (statistically). Lots of good info on the economy issue and likeability.

Mitt Romney is holding a campaign rally today in Cleveland, Ohio. Carl Cameron watching the race.

The President is again pushing for Congress to stop a hike in student loan interest rates. The Senate scheduled to take it up today.

The French saying goodbye to their president Nicholas Sarkozy yesterday (and his glamorous supermodel wife Carla Bruni) in a close election. France will now have a socialist president (no later than May 16th) His name is Francois Holland, and he is promising an end to some of the austerity measures endorsed by Sarkozy. It could mean a big change in direction in Europe. Elections in Greece also spooking markets. Keep a close eye on stocks today.

Vladimir Putin has been sworn in as Russia's president for a third term after four years as Prime Minister.

Al Qaeda released a video purportedly showing an American hostage abducted in Pakistan last August. They want a halt to airstrikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia.

The U.S. is confirming the death, meantime, of a high level terrorist inside Yemen. Fahd Mohammed Ahmed Al-Quso was linked the attack on the U.S.S. Cole in 2000.

The John Edwards campaign finance trial resumes today. Bunny Melon's attorney, Alexander Forger, is back on the stand to face more prosecution questions. The prosecution hopes to rest their case by Thursday.

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