Friday May 4, 2012 Happening Now

Hillary Clinton right now wrapping up a trip to China with a news conference in Beijing. The Secretary of State has urged China to take more responsibility for some of the world's biggest problems including Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan. Meantime, the U.S. State Department says it did everything it could to help blind activist Chen Guangcheng.. China now says he can apply to "study abroad." You'll remember he holed up in the U.S. embassy after escaping house arrest. U.S. officials have said he decided on his own to leave the embassy in a deal worked out by China and the U.S. He now says he wants to come to the U.S.

The President will speak today at 11:50. President Obama speaks from Arlington, Virginia today on student loans, but he's also expected to talk about the April unemployment report that comes out today at 8:30am. Analysts expect up to 170,000 new jobs were created. That's not enough to dent the 8.2% unemployment rate, but would be an improvement from a disappointing March.

1150EDT -- POTUS makes remarks on student loan interest rates. Washington-Lee HS, Arlington, VA. LIVE

Mitt Romney is campaigning today in Pennsylvania. He has a meeting with Rick Santorum. The expectation is Santorum will endorse Romney soon, but how enthusiastically?


TBA EDT -- Meets with Rick Santorum, Pittsburgh, PA.

1200EDT -- Holds rally at Sauereisen, Pittsburgh, PA. LIVE via LiveU

The John Edwards trial continues today. An interior decorator to famed socialite Bunny Mellon testified yesterday that he helped send money to the presidential candidate but did not know what it was for or about the extramarital affair. That decorator back on the stand today.

Vogue Magazine has some new standards for models in its pages.. no more under 16, and no more super skinny models.. We'll ask Rick Folbaum to take a look at the story.

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