Thursday May 3, 2012 Happening Now

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U.S. State Department says that the Chinese activist who left the American embassy in Beijing in some kind of deal now wants to get out of China and come to the U.S.. Chen Guangcheng has told some media outlets he left the safety of the U.S. embassy under duress. You'll remember he escaped house arrest despite being blind. The U.S. and China supposedly worked out a deal that would have kept him safe inside China. Now there's doubts about that deal. It's an embarrassment for the U.S. and Hillary Clinton who is in China right now and helped with the deal. The Secretary of State called for human rights in China as she opened the annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Beijing. We get a news conference from Jay Carney today.. We'll monitor for news.

...1230EDT -- Press Briefing by Press Secy Jay Carney. LIVE

It's day eight of the campaign finance trial of former Presidential candidate John Edwards.. more salacious testimony yesterday.. I will send out a great write up of all that went down yesterday by Jonathan Serrie. He's on the story again today, and we'll talk to a legal panel.

On the subject of trials, the Clemens trial took a major blow yesterday with some confusing testimony from Andy Pettitte. We'll try to get an update in from Shannon Bream.

Some of the documents seized in the raid that captured Usama bin Laden will be put online today by West Point military academy's Combating Terror Center. The documents will show some of UBL's underlings thought him "out of touch," that he was encouraging attacks even as Al Qaeda was on the run, and that he was worried about the future of the terror organization. We'll talk to General Keane.

Mitt Romney is campaigning today in Virginia with Governor Bob McDonnell (who's been touted as a possible running mate.)

1315EDT -- Holds rally with Gov Bob McDonnell & Rep Bachmann at Crofton Industries, Portsmouth, VA. LIVE

It's the five year anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann from an apartment in Portugal.

We get weekly jobless numbers today at 830am. Economists expecting the number of people filing for claims fell last week to about 380,000. If the number is much different it will be news.

We're taking a closer look at the death of Junior Seau today. Former NFL players seems to have a really bad track record when it comes to mental and physical health.

Syria exploding in violence again today.

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