Tuesday May 1, 2012 Happening Now

It's been one year since the U.S. killed Usama bin Laden in a raid inside Pakistan. Dominic Di-Natale is in Abbotttabad, Pakistan at the scene of the raid. Catherine Herridge asks if we are any safer one year later. We'll also talk with Seth Jones about what we've learned and any progress we've made.

There are reports that high level officials from China and the U.S. are hammering out a "deal" to possibly secure U.S. asylum for a blind Chinese legal activist who fled house arrest.. and into the U.S. embassy.

It's May Day and there could be protests in the U.S. today. Be prepared.

Jim Angle has an interesting look today at a new report suggesting some big companies would pay fines rather than participate in the new health care overhaul insurance plans.

Mitt Romney has a TBA campaign event today with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The wife of Andrew Young - Cheri Young - retakes the stand today in the campaign finance trial of former presidential candidate John Edwards. Pretty compelling stuff. Can we please see more of the testimony on full screens and such?

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