Thursday April 26, 2012 Happening Now

Gathering support for a cyber-warfare bill on Capitol Hill today. Congressman Mike Rogers has a bill that could get a vote as soon as Friday. There's a hearing today where legislators will allegedly hear testimony that Iran is plotting hacker attacks against the United States right now. Rep Rogers joins us, and Jennifer Griffin is working the story.

Jay Carney holds a briefing today at 12:30.. We could get more questions on the Secret Service Scandal. Dough McKelway on that.

New Fox polling out today on the economy.

That story we first did yesterday about banning children from some work on family farms and ranches getting more attention today. We'll talk to Senator Jerry Moran - who is trying to stop the Labor Department, and to a child labor advocate.

An EPA official apologizing today for some comments he made about his philosophy on oil companies.. essentially saying we should crucify them - just as the Roman crucified conquered citizens. Yikes.

Surprising report on North Korea.. suggesting a recent display of missiles were shoddy fakes. Maybe they're not quite as powerful as they'd like the world to believe?

Vice President Biden speaking at 10:30 this morning. He's expected to go after Mitt Romney on foreign policy. We'll monitor for news.

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