Mother of Florida hog hunt shooting victim not happy with teasing

A Brandon woman who was seriously wounded in a hunting accident is still recovering this morning, and her mother is now speaking out against those who are making fun of the incident.

Lisa Simmons, 52, was accidentally shot by her boyfriend in Flagler County on Saturday while the pair was on a hog hunt. Her boyfriend fired at a rustling sound in the woods, officials said.

Thinking it was a hog he shot at earlier, he opened fire again. But it was Simmons. The bullet ripped through both her thighs and she had to be airlifted to the hospital.

Simmon's mother, Karen, said she was outraged when people started poking fun at the accident. The incident was even joked about in a monologue on NBC’s Jay Leno show.

“It’s been devastating,” she said. “People (are) laughing because your daughter got shot. Wouldn’t you be devastated?”

Simmons is listed in serious but stable condition in a Daytona Beach hospital. Her mom said she’ll likely be there at least another month.

She added that the family does not blame Simmons’ boyfriend, saying it was an accident.

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