Tennessee bar to livestream Sunday church sermon

A Tennessee bar is serving up an unusual special for customers during an upcoming Sunday: Church sermons.

The owner, Joe Beene, asked Eastman Curtis, his pastor at Celebration Church in Tulsa, to livestream his Sunday sermon to The Drunk Monkey's television sets, reports.

Curtis, whose congregation raised $1,000 for equipment costs, said he understands that some people do not like to associate bars and drinking establishments with the Lord. But God is everywhere, according to the pastor.

“When Jesus dies on the cross, it wasn't in a cathedral,” said Pastor Curtis. "He died on a town trash heap, people were gambling and cursing.”

Beene, meanwhile, knows that some of his regular customers are uncomfortable going to church and haven't seen a Bible in years. He hopes the April 29 event will bring a few familiar -- and unfamiliar -- faces to The Drunk Monkey.

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