Tuesday April 24, 2012 Happening Now

It's primary day in several states including New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. President Obama will sew up the Democratic nomination today, and it should give Mitt Romney a big boost in delegates. Turnout is expected to be very light.

President Obama is hitting the road.. trying to convince Congress to extend an interest rate discount on student loans.

The Senate today likely to take up a rescue of the deeply-in-the-red postal service.

We'll preview an important case that will be argued in front of the Supreme Court tomorrow. It concerns the constitutionality of some provisions of Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigration.

Democrats taking a hard look at AZ's enforcement of federal immigration law today.. expect fireworks.

The defense in the case against Army private Bradley Manning will argue for a dismissal of all charges today. He's accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of documents to the anti-secrecy website "Wikileaks."

John Edwards' trial back on with testimony today from former aide Andrew Young.

The defense presents its opening statement today in the case against baseball player Roger Clemens. He's charged with lying to Congress about steroids.

New concerns today about Social Security and Medicare.. and just how long funding will last.

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