Wednesday April 18, 2012 Happening Now

Good Morning!

Rick Folbaum is in for Jon Scott

Julie Banderas is doing BND

Two separate hearings today on the GSA spending sprees. Both are in the Senate and both are being run by democrats after two days of GOP-led hearings.

0830EDT -- The group "Public Notice" holds a GSA satirical protest of the Las Vegas convention with "with a clown, a mindreader and someone handing out commemorative coins. The clown and mindreader will have resumes in hand should any of the GSA witnesses happen to come by and be looking to hire another clown and mindreader for their next conference." FNC TAPE

1000EDT -- Senate Environment and Public Works Cmte GSA Oversight Hearing. GSA Inspector Gen Brian Miller and Acting GSA Admin Dan Tangherlini testify. LIVE

1430EDT -- Senate Financial Services and General Govt Subcmte hearing on "General Services Admin: A Review of the Recent Inspector Gen Management Deficiency Report and An Assessment of the FY 2013 GSA Funding Request." GSA Inspector Gen Brian Miller and Acting GSA Admin Dan Tangherlini testify. LIVE

North Korea may be prepping for a nuclear test.. after that failed satellite/rocket launch last week. There's a hearing today.


1000EDT -- The House Foreign Affairs Cmte holds hearing on "N Korea after Kim Jong-il: Still Dangerous and Erratic." The Cmte will examine N Korea's leadership transition and the resulting challenges facing US policymakers. LIVE

New polling from the CBS News and the New York Times show Mitt Romney and President Obama are dead even.. It comes a day after new polling by Gallup and Fox News show Romney with a slight edge.. The race is getting exciting.

President Obama headed to Ohio and Michigan to push his economic policies today..

Mitt Romney holding a dueling event in Charlotte, NC.

Famed investor "the oracle of Omaha" Warren Buffett has prostate cancer. It was caught earlier, and hasn't spread.

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