Wednesday April 11, 2012 Happening Now

A major earthquake hit off the coast of Indonesia causing panic and a tsunami warning for parts of Indonesia. Rescue teams are already en route to Banda Aceh (you'll remember that horrific tsunami hit in that region after an offshore earthquake in December 2004 - that killed more than 200,000 people) A Tsunami watch has been issued for 28 countries including India, Indonesia, Australia and Thailand. We'll keep a close eye on this developing story.

The gloves are coming off in the Presidential race. Rick Santorum surprised us all and dropped out of the race yesterday afternoon. We'll be digesting the news, and talk about nastiness that's already begun in earnest between Romney and President Obama. The latest campaign theme by the President? Going after the tax breaks on the wealthy. We're likely to be seeing a lot of this theme headed toward the election. Phrases like "fairness," and "fair share." He's pushing the so-called "Buffett rule" today.


1015EDT -- POTUS delivers a statement on the Buffett Rule. EEOB. LIVE



1000EDT -- Visits the Newark Senior Center, Newark, DE. ABC TAPE

1900EDT -- Holds town hall on social security at Wesley College, Dover, DE. CSPAN LIVE


2000EDT -- Holds town hall at Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth, TX. KDFW TAPE


1255EDT -- Holds rally at Alpha Graphics, Hartford, CT. LIVE via LiveU

1825EDT -- Holds town hall at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick, RI. LIVE via LiveU

We are waiting news out of North Korea as well. One of our guests today will tell us North Korea could launch it's "satellite" (missile) as soon as today our time. A nuke test is likely not far behind. We're getting reports the North Koreans are fueling that rocket right now. Meantime, the late leader Kim Jong Il (Dear Leader) has been declared "eternal general secretary. His son, Kim Jong Un has been named to a new position called "first secretary of the Workers Party".. new top post?

The Iranian who will head six party talks with world powers at the end of this week today says the Iranians will bring "new initiatives" to the talks. No clear answer on what exactly that means.. but as we've been saying.. remember it could all be delaying tactics. We'll see.

Kofi Annan, the head of the U.N., says Iran could help end the Syria conflict. He's calling for a cease fire.

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