Thursday April 5, 2012 Happening Now

Big day for the Justice Department and the White House. The Justice Department has been ordered to submit a three-page single-space letter by Noon today. That order coming from the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Jerrry Smith... who took umbrage at President's Obama's comments on the Supreme Court. Judge Smith demands to know if the feds believe the courts have the right to throw out federal laws they consider unconstitutional. Should be interesting today. Meantime, we still don't know what the highest court will say about H.C.!

New polling out today suggests Mitt Romney has taken the lead from Rick Santorum in Santorum's home state of Pennsylvania. We've also learned Rick Santorum will be taking a couple of days off the campaign trail. Mitt Romney came out swinging against President Obama in comments we had live yesterday. He's urging the nations' newspapers to delve into President Obama "second term plans." Meantime as we've been reporting the gloves are coming off. Romney and the President now mentioning each other by name. Fasten your seatbelts..



1330EDT -- Delivers remarks to DE Electric Cooperative, Greenwood, DE. ABC TAPE


2200EDT -- Holds town hall at Univ of CA Berkeley, Berkeley, CA. LIVE via LiveU


1010EDT -- Attends meet and greet at Romney for President PA HQ, Harrisburg, PA. LIVE via LiveU


No events planned

Weekly jobless numbers out today after some stronger than expected reports on the economy yesterday. Gas prices up *another* penny per gallon today.

Connecticut in the process of eliminating the death penalty.

Iran now refusing to hold talks in Turkey. This comes as we learn Iran may be funding unrest in Afghanistan and violence against U.S. troops. We may add a guest.

New reporting on Autism.. and a possible link to a gene mutation very intriguing. We take a closer look.

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