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Crime & Courts

Florida mom arrested after 'joke' picture of baby found

Police say a young South Florida mother is accused of child cruelty after pictures were discovered of her 5-month-old daughter with a plastic bag over her head.

Twenty-year-old Courtney Shanvice McBride was arrested April 1.

Davie police say the baby's father called a relative after he received a photo in a text message from McBride. The relative called police, who say McBride cried and insisted the photo was a joke.

Davie Capt. Dale Engle said the photo showed the plastic bag completely covering the child's face and head.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports the child was in good health when the Florida Department of Children and Families checked on her. The baby and her 2-year-old sibling were placed with relatives.

A phone number for McBride was not available.

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