Tuesday April 3, 2012 Happening Now

Good Morning!

Lots going on today.

Primaries today in Maryland, Wisconsin and Washington DC. It's expected to be a good night for Mitt Romney. He and President Obama have been trading barbs like the republican nomination is all but decided. Many pundits believe it is. Obama's campaign is running a new TV ad in five swing states targeting Romney by name for the first time. Romney has been focusing a lot of energy on Wisconsin.


No events planned


2200EDT -- Holds town hall at California State Univ Chico, Chico, CA.


1200EDT -- Holds an election day lunch at Cousins Subs, Waukesha, WI. FNC TAPE

2100EDT -- Holds election night rally at the Grain Exchange, Milwaukee, WI. LIVE


2000EDT -- Holds election night rally at the Four Points Sheraton North, Mars, PA. LIVE

We're also keeping a close eye on Wisconsin for another reason.. the recall efforts against Governor Scott Walker.. which is expected sometime in June. Analysts will be looking for signs in today's results.

President Obama going on offense today on Capitol Hill. After some very strong comments at a news conference with the leaders of Mexico and Canada yesterday on the Supreme Court, the President will hold a 12:30 speech to newspaper reporters and executives. The President expected to attack the Paul Ryan budget plan as an attack on middle class families. The Ryan budget has passed the House, and Mitt Romney has endorsed it. It has little chance in the Senate.

1230EDT -- POTUS delivers remarks and answers questions at the Associated Press luncheon during the ASNE Convention. Washington Marriott Wardman Park. LIVE

New Associated Press reporting suggests we may be inside another economic bubble. This time centered on student loans! We'll ask an FBN'er.

New details in that horrific massacre at an Oakland school in the Bay Area. A former student in his 40's named One L. Goh walked into Oikos University stalking and shooting people all over campus. Seven are dead and another three are injured. The alleged gunman is in custody. Claudia Cowan is reporting live and we'll talk to a school safety expert and hopefully a survivor.

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