Georgia church reportedly held worship service for bikers

A church in Georgia reportedly held a worship service for a group not typically associated with congregations: bikers.

Senior Pastor Tracy Boles of Timothy Baptist Church in Athens told the Christian Post he sought to reach out to the biker community in order to go beyond the stereotypes associated with them.

"I think many times bikers have a rough image, and once you get to know them, the image you perceived may not be the person you meet," Boles said. "We wanted [them] to know that Timothy is a place where they can come and feel welcome and grow in the Lord like everybody else."

The first service for the bikes was scheduled to be held Sunday. Following the 12 p.m. service, bikers were slated to participate in a ride escort by the local sheriff before a return to the church.

Mike Cook, state coordinator for the Georgia chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, told The Christian Post that he thought the church service was a good idea.

"We have many churches in Georgia that do Biker Sundays," said Cook. "We have a chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association located in Athens called the Cycle Disciples who will be attending as a group."

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