New York Jewish school tells students to get off Facebook or be expelled

For Facebook users at a Hasidic all-girls high school in New York it's either Exodus -- or expulsion.

Students at the Orthodox Beth Rivkah High School have been ordered to immediately delete their accounts on the popular social-networking site and pay a $100 fine, or be kicked out of the school.

"Girls are getting killed on the internet -- that's the reason for it," Benzion Stock, administrator of the Crown Heights school, said.

Stock said Facebook is also off-limits because it encourages girls to violate the Orthodox code of modesty.

"The internet is a good way to ruin marriages and families," Stock said. "We don't want them there, period. It's the wrong place for a Jewish girl to be. Facebook is not a modest thing to do. Socializing on Facebook could lead to the wrong things."

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