Wednesday March 28, 2012 Happening Now

Day three of oral arguments at the Supreme Court on the President's health care overhaul. The high court looks at a challenge to the expansion of Medicare today and continue to look into the individual mandate portion of the law. It was not a great day for the President's side yesterday. Justice Department lawyers faced extremely tough questions. Shannon Bream is inside the courtroom again.. and will run out to lead our coverage in the 12.

Quiet day on the campaign trail, but big news from Newt Gingrich's campaign. He will lay off about a third of his staffers, fired his manager and cut his schedule. He's planning what his team is calling "big choice convention" strategy.. whatever that means.



1700EDT -- Speaks at Georgetown Univ, Washington, DC. LIVE via LiveU


1900EDT -- Holds town hall at Univ of MD, College Park, MD. CSPAN TAPE


No events planned


1030EDT -- Holds rally at MacDonald and Owens Lumber Company, Sparta, WI. ABC/CBS TAPE

1245EDT -- Goes bowling with the Univ of WI - La Crosse College Republicans at South Lanes Bowling, La Crosse, WI. ABC/CBS TAPE

Firefighters in Colorado trying to get a wildfire not far from Denver under control. That fire has damaged more than two dozen homes and killed two people. It's just one of several fires burning in the state.

Late yesterday came word of another airplane breakdown. Remember the stewardess who was "off her meds" and went bonkers not too long ago? Now it's happened to a pilot. He had to be wrestled to the ground and detained after he started pushing random buttons in the cockpit and eventually started screaming about Al Qaeda. Not cute.

Couple of hearings we may be interested in today on Capitol Hill:

0930EDT -- House Energy and Commerce Energy and Power Subcmte hearing on "The American Energy Initiative: A Focus on Legislative Responses to Rising Gasoline Prices," focusing on the "Gasoline Regulations Act of 2012" and the "Strategic Energy Production Act of 2012." FNC TAPE SPRAY / STREAMING LIVE

1000EDT -- House Appropriations Financial Services and General Govt Subcmte hearing on the FY2013 budget for the Treasury Dept. Secy Geithner testifies. LIVE

1100EDT -- Sen McCain and a bipartisan group of sens hold press conference to unveil a Congressional resolution condemning the govt of Syria for crimes against humanity and supporting the right of the people of Syria to be safe and to defend themselves. LIVE

Fidel Castro will meet with the Pope today in Cuba.

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