Thursday March 22, 2012 Happening Now

Happening Now...

Explosions and gunfire being heard as I write this at an apartment building in France where that crazed gunmen believed responsible for the deaths of seven people. There are reports the suspect is dead.

Israel's defense minister is publicly acknowledging difference between the United States and Israel over the possible timing of any attack on Iran, but says sanctions can be given several more months to work....

NFL making lots of headlines today. We got to a few of them yesterday, but there are some seismic shifts going on in the NFL.. as I overheard one person say "the NFL isn't playing."

Paul Ryan's GOP budget plan headed for a vote on the House floor today. The Senate has no plans for a similar measure.

President Obama on a big campaign swing. The President is finishing a four-state tour intended to highlight his energy policy. Today he's in Oklahoma and Ohio.

1055EST --The President makes remarks at Stillwater Pipe Yard Event in Cushing, OK. LIVE

Mitt Romney picking up some big endorsements including the former Florida Governor Jeb Bush that we reported yesterday. Big donors and big names are lining up. Romney wasn't helped by a comment by one of his surrogates who used an etch a sketch as an analogy to describe the campaign. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum jumping all over the comment. Still, most pundits now calling Romney's delegate count "insurmountable."



1300EDT -- Meet and greet at Big Al's Seafood Restaurant, Houma, LA. FNC LIVE via LiveU


No events planned


1100EDT -- Addresses the USAA, San Antonio, TX. FNC LIVE via LiveU

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