Wednesday March 21, 2012 Happening Now

It was a good night for Mitt Romney. He easily won the Illinois primary. In an email to supporters, Romney is saying he's "almost there," in his marathon to the nomination. Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are vowing to stay in the race, but Romney continues to build a sizable lead in delegates. Next up? Louisiana. Santorum, meantime, held his primary night speech in Pennsylvania (his home state) where he's hoping to get a win and regain some momentum. The problem? He hasn't gotten a single major endorsement in the Keystone state. Mike Emanuel on that story for us today.



1000EDT -- Holds town hall at Louisiana College, 1140 College Drive, Pineville, LA. FNC LIVE via LiveU


No events planned


1600EDT -- Holds town hall at the American Legion Post 109, 1610 Old Sulphur Spring Road, Arbutus, MD. FNC LIVE via Liveu


1100EDT -- Discusses energy independence at Superior Energy, 1105 Peters Road, Harvey, LA. FNC LIVE via LiveU

President Obama is pushing hard on alternative energy today.. he's feeling the political pressure we're all feeling as pain at the pump. The President will visit the country's largest photovoltaic plan today in Nevada and then heads to oil and gas production fields in New Mexico.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Fed Reserve Board Chair Ben Bernanke will testify before the House Oversight and Govt Reform committee today.

The House Homeland Security Committee is holding a hearing on Iran.

The full House is marking up the budget bill today.

An Al Qaeda offshoot in Iraq is claiming responsibility for a series of bombings in 8 Iraqi cities.. that left 46 dead.

In France, the crazed serial killer who killed four at a Jewish school in Toulouse and 3 paratroopers in another incident, is now holed up in a building surrounded by police. French authorities say they want to take him alive.

In Mexico, they are assessing the damage today after a major earthquake hit the country. It unleashed panic and damaged hundreds of buildings though amazingly no one was killed. The 7.4 quake hit not far from Mexico City and sent buildings wobbling.

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