Monday March 19, 2012 Happening Now

Twisters touched down overnight in Nebraska. Homes are destroyed and a train derailed. There is a danger of more twisters this morning..and widespread flooding in Missouri and parts of Texas. We'll add phoners as needed.

Two homes destroyed in Wray, Colorado from a wildfire. The whole town had been evacuated, but residents have been allowed to return home.

Some crazed madman has killed 3 children and a teacher in Toulouse, France outside a Jewish school. Greg Palkot reporting on it for us this morning.

A victory for Mitt Romney in Puerto Rico's primary yesterday. He wins all 20 delegates. All eyes now on Illinois which holds its primary on Tuesday.. and it's the biggest delegate prize since Super Tuesday. Louisiana's primary is on Saturday. Mitt Romney says he's unstoppable, but Rick Santorum said despite Romney's significant advantages in money and establishment support, he's been "unable to close the deal."



No events planned


No events planned


0820EDT -- Meet and greet at Charlie Parker's Diner, 700 West North Street, Springfield, I. FNC LIVE via LiveU

1315EDT -- Delivers speech on economic freedom at The University of Chicago, 1414 East 59th Street, Chicago, IL. CBS LIVE


1000EDT -- Holds rally at the Venetian Club, 2180 Elmwood Road, Rockford, IL. FNC LIVE via LiveU

1300EDT -- Holds rally at the Reagan Statue on the Dixon Waterfront, Dixon, IL. FNC LIVE via LiveU

New clashes today in Syria.. where car bombs and other violence hit several locations including Damascus. We've got Leland Vittert on that.

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