Friday March 16, 2012 Happening Now

New provocations from North Korea. So much for that food for cooperation deal we just signed with them. North Korea today saying they'd launch a military satellite into orbit next month. Both the State Department and South Korea have already denounced the plan.

A U.S. official today says talks with the Afghans about a long term pact to govern U.S. forces in Afghanistan are still going on despite the problems the past few weeks. Another U.S. soldier was killed today.

As we reported as breaking news yesterday, the screws are tightening on Iran. The giant banking hub known as SWIFT will cut off financial transactions for Iran on Saturday. We're getting reports people are sending suitcases full of cash across the Iranian borders. We'll ask our guests in the 11am about the possibility of Russia, China and others continuing to trade with Iran using GOLD.

The early Spring is giving many people delight, but it's also part of the reason for the horrific twisters we've been seeing. Another major storm smacking into Michigan spawning we believe a twister that into rural southwestern Michigan destroying more than 100 homes.

Campaign 2012 now in full swing. President Obama has a full schedule of campaign events (yes they are now calling them campaign events) and fundraisers in Chicago and Atlanta. You may have heard some of a speech Vice President Biden gave yesterday slamming the Republican candidates by name. He was focused on the auto industry.



1500EDT -- Meet and greet at Ye Olde College Inn, New Orleans, LA. FNC LIVE via LiveU


No events planned


0815EDT -- Guest on Fox and Friends. FNC LIVE

0825EDT -- Meet and greet at Pancakes Eggcetera, Rosemont, IL. FNC TAPE


1130EDT -- Holds rally at the Main Street Music Hall, Osage Beach, MO. FNC LIVE via LiveU

A search is underway for a California woman whose son killed her daughter and then himself. She may be injured.

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