Prosecutors pressed accused New York City brothel boss Anna Gristina over and over, pushed a list of 10 Big Apple power players at her and demanded that she spill the beans on the roster of real-estate moguls and investment bankers, the alleged madam claimed during an interview.

"Some I knew, some I didn't," she told the New York Post. "In effect, it was, 'Tell us what we want, and we'll let you go.'"

But her defiance, she believes, is what led prosecutors to charge her with a single count of prostitution.

"If I'm such a big, high-profile madam, making all this money, and they had to investigate me for five years, why did they arrest me on a single promoting-prostitution charge -- and only after I refused to talk to them?" Gristina said during an interview at Rikers Island, where she is jailed.

The self-described "hockey mom" and real-estate developer claims to have no idea why prosecutors are so intent on digging up dirt on those men -- half of whom she said she knew as either friends or business associates.

"I'd bite my tongue off before I'd tell them anything," Gristina vowed.

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