Friday March 2, 2012 Happening Now

We're keeping a close eye on more dangerous weather systems moving across the country. Meantime, cleanup efforts continue in hard hit areas like Harrisburg, Il. 13 people are dead.

Classes resume today at Chardon High School in surburban Cleveland after this week's deadly shooting that left 3 dead and 2 injured. The gunman - TJ Lane - has reportedly admitted firing 10 shots at a group of students in the Cafeteria Monday morning. Visitations and funerals for the dead students begin today.

Sad news in the search for those missing U.S. Coast Guard soldiers after a chopper crash on Tuesday. The bodies of the missing two crewmen were discovered in Mobile Bay, AL overnight.

Legislative elections began today in Iran.. the first major voting since the disputed re=election of President Ahmedinejad in June of 2009. Remember the huge protests and the crackdown that followed?

Meantime, President Obama and Israeli's PM Netanyahu will meet next week at the White House for talks about Iran.. they are reported to be far apart about what to do about Iran.

Oil prices surged in world markets after Iran reported a pipeline fire in Saudi Arabia, but have fallen after Saudi Arabia said the report was not true.

We've got part I and II of Jenna Lee's in-depth Iran analysis today. Good stuff.

The Syrian government has retaken a key neighborhood in Homs, Syria that had been a holdout of rebels. A Red Cross/Red Crescent aid convoy just arrived in Homs from Damascus.. we are getting reports of "grisly" scenes including mass executions.


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