Thursday March 1, 2012 Happening Now

Another very busy day.

More severe weather on the way for Friday.. as the cleanup from a massive series of storms continues today. At least 20 twisters left a trail of destruction in Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee. At least nine are dead and more than 150 injured. The twister that hit Harrisburg, IL yesterday was an EF4 with sustained winds of 170 miles per hour.

Senate is debating legislation that would hit President Obama's health care law. MO Sen Roy Blunt is sponsoring legislation that would allow insurers and employers to "opt-out" of requirements they find offensive on moral or religious grounds. Likely to be making a lot of headlines today.

1200EST approx -- Sens Reid, Durbin, Schumer and Murray hold media availability after expected Blunt amendment vote. LIVE

Mitt Romney facing some criticism today over his stance on that Blunt legislation. He said he was opposed to it and then backtracked. Romney is campaigning in ND, ID and GA today. Gingrich in Georgia. Santorum there too.. plus Washington state.


1130EST -- Attends the grand opening of the Cherokee Country Republican Party HQ, Woodstock, GA. LIVE via LiveU


No events planned


0920EST -- Holds rally at Wrigley Mechanical, Fargo, ND. LIVE via LiveU

...1200EST -- Ann Romney attends meet and greet at Smokejack Restaurant, Alpharetta, GA.

1100EST -- Holds rally at Atlantic Aviation, Atlanta, GA. LIVE via LiveU

That story we did yesterday about that growing controversy over an outrageous Huffington Post column attacking Catholics and Rick Santorum getting bigger today. There's also been two other "incidents" involving attacks on religion. Shannon Bream is investigating.

Prosecutors getting ready to file charges against TJ Lane for the school shooting in Ohio that left three students dead and another two injured.

Maryland becomes the eighth U.S. state to legalize same-sex marriage today.

The FTC has launched an investigation into the alcoholic beverage "Four Loko." Critics call it "blackout in a can" and it is popular among bingeing college students.

Great health story out today.. Doctors finding an old flu drug called "amantadine" (uh-MAN-tuh-deen) helps with tramautic brain inury!

The UK is pulling its people out of Syria and closing the embassy. This as new reports come in detailing the destruction of Homs.

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