Tuesday February 28th, 2012 Happening Now

Lots happening today. Voters in Michigan and Arizona head to the polls. Romney predicting he will win Michigan saying "I'm going to win in Michigan and I'm going to win across the country." (most polling shows him with a slight edge over Rick Santorum.) If Romney doesn't win Michigan it could reshape the whole race.


1100EST -- Holds rally at the Northwest GA Convention Center, Dalton, GA. LIVE via LiveU


No events planned


0915EST -- Holds rally at Romney for President MI HQ, Livonia, MI. LIVE via LiveU


1130EST -- Holds a rally at the Holiday Inn French Quarter, Perrysburg, OH. LIVE via LiveU

Classes at Chardon High school near Cleveland are closed today as Ohio mourns. Another student has died. That brings the death toll to two. Four more were injured when TJ Lane opened fire at the school. Lane was a student at a local alternative school. He is cooperating with investigators.

A Nine story building collapsed in Russia. Rescuers looking for survivors. At least 6 are dead.

An independent investigation of the Japan earthquake and meltdown at the Fukushima nuke plant suggests Japanese leaders downplayed the risks and misled other world leaders including Americans.

President Obama is delivering remarks to a automaker union during our hours.. it's streaming on

1130EST -- POTUS delivers remarks at the United Auto Workers conference. Washington Marriott Wardman Park. LIVE

A United flight made an emergency landing at Newark Aiport with no nose gear last night. Passengers had to jump down emergency chutes.

We get Commerce Department numbers today on durable goods.

There are also a ton of hearings today on Capitol Hill.. here's a small sample.

0930EST -- Senate Budget Cmte hearing on the FY2013 budget request for the Defense Dept. Secy Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Dempsey to testify. LIVE

1000EST -- Senate Appropriations State, Foreign Ops and Related Programs Subcmte hearing on "The FY2013 Budget Request for the Dept of State and Foreign Ops." Secy Clinton testifies. LIVE

1000EST -- Senate Energy and Natural Resources Cmte hearing on the Interior Dept's budget for FY2013. Secy Salazar testifies. LIVE

1000EST -- Speaker Boehner and House GOP ldrs hold media availability. LIVE

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