Friday February 24, 2012 Happening Now

Mitt Romney speaking today before the Detroit Economic Club on the economy. Scheduled for 12:15 at Ford Field. We may dip in.

Ron Paul has no events planned. Newt Gingrich is in Washington state. Rick Santorum is campaigning in Michigan.

President Obama attending a meeting with Democratic governors.

NATO is calling on Afghans to have restraint over the Koran burning.

Pakistan calling on the Taliban to participate in peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Several nations are meeting today in Tunisia demanding a cease fire in Syria. At least 2 killed in renewed shelling today.

Gabe Watson was acquitted in the murder of his one-time wife. She died while they were scuba diving.

Opening arguments get under way in the Tyler Clementi trial.

7 states sue to block Obama contraception mandate.

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