The 20th (!) GOP debate last night provided some interesting stuff to talk about today. Many analysts thought Santorum didn't shine as much as he needed to as a new front-runner. Pretty good night for Romney and Gingrich. We'll see if it has any impact as we head inexorably towards Super Tuesday! Remember Arizona and Michigan are on Tuesday and could be very important.

FDA approves the diet drug Qnexa. Sign me up!

FDA also dealing with shortages as we've discussed. We're hoping to talk to the FDA today about this growing problem.

Three breaking news stories overnight. There was some kind of attack on NATO forces in Afghanistan over the alleged burning of the Koran. Two NATO soldiers are dead. Also overnight, a series of terror attacks in Iraq have left at least 50 dead. It's new signs of the possibility of civil war there. We're also now hearing Syrian troops are on the move into Homs.. after 20 (!) consecutive days of shelling of civilians in the city. There are sketchy reports tanks are moving into the city.

We get weekly unemployment numbers today. European Union now expecting a mild recession this year there.

Jurors found former University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely guilty of murder last night.

President Obama, VP Biden and FLOTUS all holding fundraising events today. Pres Obama is in Florida.

Newt Gingrich campaigns today in Washington state and Idaho. Mitt Romney is in Arizona and Michigan. Rick Santorum campaigns in Texas. Ron Paul has no planned events.

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