Wednesday February 22, 2012 Happening Now

Another deterioration in relations with Iran. U.N. inspectors left Tehran today saying they didn't see any way forward to resolve the standoff peacefully. Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei insisting today Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons.. a claim most analysts call laughable. He also insists Iran's nuke work will continue no matter what.

President Obama set to unveil a revamped tax code. It would lower taxes on corporations but effectively increase revenues by closing loopholes. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner set to unveil the plan today. At least as of now, we will *not* have these comments live.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton heading to London today. She's expected to work on issues of Northern Africa *and* trying to figure out what to do about Syria. The news from there gets more and more grim by the day. Two journalists were killed including an American as the repressive Assad regime continues its crackdown.

Big debate tonight in the GOP race for the White House. All four candidates are campaigning in Arizona today. Arizona and Michigan hold primaries on February 28th. According to recent polling, Romney holds a slight lead in Arizona. Romney and Santorum appear deadlocked in Michigan though negative campaign ads may be taking a toll on Santorum. Meantime there is brand new AP/GFK polling suggesting Romney and Santorum evenly matched right now nationally.

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