Tuesday February 21, 2012 Happening Now

Good Morning!

Tensions continue to ratchet up with Iran. The rogue nation warning today it could take "pre-emptive" action if it feels its interests are being threatened. We've also gotten reports Iran is not letting U.N. inspectors see any nuke sites.. meetings being held in Tehran today. All this as Iran docks two warships in Syria.

Speaking of Syria.. Homs is reportedly being pounded today in what some reports suggest is one of the heaviest bombardments in the uprising so far.

Europeans have finally come to a deal for a second bailout of Greece... the broke nation will get 170 billion dollars in bailout funds, but will have to make more cuts. There are also reportedly several "mechanisms" to ensure Greek compliance with the terms.. we'll keep an eye out for protests.

New reporting suggests Super PACs are overtaking traditional campaign fundraising.

Newt Gingrich is addressing the Oklahoma State Legislature at 11am in Oklahoma City. Mitt Romney is holding at town hall at Eagle Manufacturing Corp in Shelby Township, Michigan at 11:10am. Rick Santorum is in Arizona today. Ron Paul has no public events.

New Gallup polling has Santorum ahead of Romney by 10%, but Romney still leads in the "electability" question.

Testimony resumes in the Gabe Watson trial in Alabama.

Mardi Gras parades start just after daybreak today in New Orleans.

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