Georgia Pizza Hut delivery man fatally shot while trying to protect co-worker

A Pizza Hut employee who was shot Saturday inside one of the chain's stores in Georgia died on Monday from his wounds, reports.

Samuel Wallace, 34, was at the counter when the gunman reportedly came to the store to speak with his ex-girlfriend, who is a manager at Pizza Hut. After she went to the back of the store, the gunman started arguing with Wallace.

"The guy was trying to have a conversation with the manager more, and he was trying to get back there. [Samuel Wallace] was trying to prevent that," the man's brother, Mark Wallace, told "He was shot and then [the shooter] jumped over the counter because the manager ran to the back further."

The gunman then shot himself.

Samuel Wallace was a married father of four whose oldest child is an 18-year-old college freshman; his youngest is 8 years old, reports.

"It makes us feel so much better that he was really just trying to keep the peace more, or just trying to make sure that nothing happens to this person," Mark Wallace told

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Pizza Chain Clerk Dies From Shooting Wounds: