The nude body of a woman found floating in a Texas river almost 40 years ago has finally been identified as that of a missing 22-year-old mother, the Houston Chronicle reported. 

Forensic experts in Harris County say the body found floating in the Brazos River in 1975 belongs to Gloria Faye Stringer, a young mother who had relocated to Texas City that same year before disappearing.

Authorities are investigating whether Stringer's death is related to other cold case disappearances, including the serial killings of other women abducted from the Houston and Galveston areas in the 1970s, according to the newspaper. 

Austin County Justice of the Peace Dennis R. King had committed himself to identifying the nameless remains for decades. He reportedly helped recover her body from the river in 1975 and then later ordered that her remains be exhumed in 2009 in the hopes that advances in forensics might lead to an identification.

"We had to go out into the water and pull her ashore," King told the newspaper. "She was a Jane Doe. With the type of systems we had back in 1975, there was little we could do other than just calling around to see if anyone was missing."