Friday February 17, 2012 Happening Now

Busy Friday.

Associated Press reporting that police in the U.S. are nervous about the possibility of Iranian terror attacks on U.S. soil as tensions continue to rise over Iran's nuclear program. Iran's president today complaining about "interference" in his country.. as he visits the leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Meantime, Pakistan's foreign minister says little progress has been made between his country and Afghanistan over negotiations with the Taliban..

Despite a major condemnation by the U.N., Syria intensified its shelling of rebel neighborhoods in Homs today.

The nation's intel chief says Al Qaeda may be making inroads into Syria (

President Obama travelling to Washington state today where he'll tour the Boeing plant in Everett.

Today is the third anniversary of the stimulus bill.

Newt Gingrich is in Georgia. Ron Paul is in Washington state, and Idaho. Mitt Romney is in Idaho and Michigan. Rick Santorum is in Michigan and Ohio today.

We could get a vote on the payroll tax cut extension today.

A U.S. immigration agent was shot and killed after he opened fire on another employee. Casey Stegall is on that.

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