TSA video shows Rolex watch being stolen at Florida airport

Rolex watch challenges fliers trustworthiness


The Transportation Security Administration released surveillance video of what authorities say shows an unidentified man stealing a pricey Rolex watch that was left behind on a screening conveyor belt at a Florida airport.

On Jan. 18, Gloria de Regalado, 43, was passing through Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, heading back to her home in Lexington, Ky, The Sun Sentinel reported.

When she passed through the scanners, instead of putting her $6,500 watch and another piece of jewelry in her purse, like she normally does, they were placed in a gray bin and she continued on without them, the report said.

The suspect is seen tying his shoes, putting on his light jacket and then appears to notice the watch. He can be seen looking at the watch’s face and then carrying it out along with his laptop.

Once on the concourse, de Regalado said she made eye contact with the suspect, and realized her items were left behind, the report said.

“He had an opportunity to do right by himself; he knew who I was and he could have redeemed himself, but he didn't," she said, the paper reported.

Authorities are unsure which flight the suspect boarded, but he may have been on a flight to Charlotte, the paper reported. A passenger list of the flight may be subpoenaed, the report said.

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